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Van and Truck Insurance

You may well rely on your van to earn a living, and you can rely on us to find you a competitive van insurance for all types of vehicles – anything from transit vans to heavy duty goods vehicled, we work with some insurer’s who will transfer No Claims Bonus earned on private cars to commercial vehicles.

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Tradesmen Insurance

We can help you tailor make a ‘package’ of insurance that is relevant and/or legally required for your particular line of work, whether you’re a one man band or have employee’s. These can include Public Liability, which covers you for accidental damage of injury caused by you at another property or to another person. Employers Liability (required by law) protects you if an employee has an accident at work and then makes a cliam against you. If part of your work includes giving professional advice then you really need Professoinal Indemnity Insurance to guard against any claims made against you for financial loss incurred by a client as a result of the advice you have given them. Ever thought about insuring against Business Interruption? If you have to stop trading due to damage caused to your business, equipment or premises, this can help soften the financial blow. Your Tools and Equipment are the key to your business and you’d be lost without them, so it makes sense to get them insured. If as part of your work you are responsible for transporting goods – anything from dropping off a few packages to a haulage contractor we can offer you Goods in Transit cover. Insuring the goods against theft, loss or damage.

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Shop and Offices Insurance

Whether running a business from an office or a shop – it needs protecting against any number of hazards. We appricate all the shops and offices vary enormously in size along with the types of business running out of them – and that’s why we can offer ‘standard’ insurance policies, alongside more tailored packages depending on your needs.

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Landlord Buildings and Contents

If you are a landlord, then you’ll know just how important it is to ensure that both your income and original investment is suitably protected against any risk or damage to your proerty, loss of rent or accidental damage to contents and even injury to your tenant (or visitors). Let us help you achieve the perfect insurance ‘fit’ for your personal situation – because as well as offering ‘standard’ insurance policies we can also broker more tailored packages – these include Landlord Buildings, Landlord Contents, Legal Expense Cover, Loss Rent or Rent Guarantee and in the event your property becomes unoccupied we can even appropriate insurance against Fire, Lightning, Earthquakes and Explosions.

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Construction Insurance

Whether you own a construction company or are a sole trader contractor, we understand all the associated financial & physical risks you face when undertaking work – and it is absolutely vital that you arrange the correct type of insnurance and appropriate level of cover – not least to ensure that you meet all egal regulations and requirements governing the construction industry, these include Public & Employer Liability. Depending on the nature and size of your business – you might also like to consider insuring your Stock & Materials, Plant & Machinery, Professional Indemnity, & Business Interruption. Give us a call to discuss your requirments and allow us to source the most competitive policies that we can.

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Fleet Insurance

If you have more than three vehicles (private cars and/or commercial vehicles) and numerous drivers, then it makes sense to consider taking out fleet insurance. This is just x1 policy that covers all your vehicles and drivers and is easier to manage because you’ll only have x1 policy renewal every year, instead of several if your vehicles are insured seperately. We have a fleet expert on site, who works with some of the best and most competitive insurers out there offering this type of cover. Motor fleets by their very nature can be complicated so why not give us a call & allow us to get you a quotation.

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Motor Trade

Whether you’re a prestige or mass market motor trade dealer, car repairers, body shop, or even windscreen repairers, we can help search for a competitive policy covering all your individual needs.

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Goods in Transit

We can tailor your requirements whether you are a courier or work in the logistic industries this policy can cover
+ Personal effects, including personal effects whilst overseas
+ All types of goods including hazardous materials
+ Overnight parking
+ Couriers
+ Haulage contractors and removal companies
+ Both UK and European and worldwide cover
+ The goods in the vehicle, you chose the sum insured

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Restaurant Insurance

Running a successful restaurant can be challenging, as an insurance broker we have access to a wide range of specialist restaurant providers who can tailor your needs. Let us take the work out of finding the right cover for you.

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Commercial Landlord Insurance

Commercial Landlord Insurance is arranged where you rent part or all of a property that you own The policy not only covers the property itself, but can be extended to cover your contents, rent, and your duties to your tenants, whether the property is used for business, unoccupied, domestic, educational or religious purposes.

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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance provides indemnity to you or your company for your legal liability for claims made by others for death, bodily injury, illness or disease as well as physical loss or damage to property. It covers your legal liability for both claimant’s legal fees and any amount awarded to them as well as your own defence costs.

The main kinds of Liability Insurance:

+ Public Liability
+ Employers Liability
+ Product Liability

Public Liability provides indemnity for claims by members of the public for injury and/or loss of or damage to property. Employers Liability provides indemnity for claims made by an employee for death, injury, illness or disease as a consequence of their employment. Product Liability provides indemnity for claims of bodily injury or damage due to a defective product made or sold by you or your company.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the advisory part of your role. It is informally known as “errors and omissions” cover. That is because it covers any incorrect advice you give (errors) as well as any key advice you fail to give (omissions). If a customer felt that they had suffered or a financial loss as a result of an error or omission in the advice that you gave injury, they may look to take legal action against you. This policy will help you to defend the claim.

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Office Insurance

The cover offered under an Office Insurance policy is flexible to suit your business. Standard cover includes damage to your office premises, equipment and contents, but it can also be extended to offer additional covers, such as:

+ Business Interruption Insurance – to help protect you against the shortfall in your revenue following a claim
+ Employers’ Liability Insurance – to protect you against claims for injury or financial loss from employees
+ Legal Expenses Insurance – covers legal costs if you take legal action against a supplier or other third party
+ Money cover – covers you for loss of money that you need to keep on the premises
+ Stock cover – covers loss of or damage to stock held at your office premises

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Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial combined covers the main risks faced by a business, it is the most common form of business insurance. Majority of businesses will have a commercial combined policy, which will cover the more mainstream items such as:
+ Employers’ Liability
+ Business Interruption
+ Your business premises and contents
+ Stock and Raw Materials
+ Public and Products Liability
+ Business Equipment

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Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors’ all-risk cover provides you with protection against damage to property, third-party injuries and claims for damages. This policy keeps contractors of all kinds protected from the risks associated with business life and can include, Public liability, Hired-in plant
cover,Tradesmen’s insurance, Employers’ liability and Professional indemnity.

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